January 8, 2013


the 2012 reviewLet’s start 2013 by looking back at what got read on this Marketing Actuary blog last year. If you’re a new reader, this post gives you a quick sample of the content before you subscribe.
  1. The best buying experience: Audi vs. BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz (unchanged)
  2. The folly of Bell/Rogers attack ads
  3. Event planning showdown: Meetup, Eventbrite or proprietary?
  4. Apple’s risky marketing strategy
  5. Let's Get Real: Mahan Khalsa brings ORDER to sales chaos (down from #3)
  6.  The six elements of credibility
  7. The six most influential word groups (down from #2)
  8. The marketing lesson from Easton’s Steve Gupta
  9. Improving Google’s Get Your Business Online (GYBO) initiative (down from #7)
  10. Arranging the perfect social media workshop
Some of these posts are from years ago but still get read. That's an advantage of creating a digital tapestry: what you've done remains available.

Worth Noting

The year ended with 51 new posts for a total of 283 since 2007. Most readers are from the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Visits are up 53%, though the average length has dropped by 12 seconds. Mobile devices account for 11% of the visits. The number of page views is up 44%. Visits via social networks are up 182% (mainly LinkedIn and Twitter).

If you like statistics, you’ll find lots on the yearly highlights on Riscario Insider.

Worth a Peek

Here are the 2012 posts by category.
cancelling the wrong appointmentsTrust
  1. Cancelling the wrong appointments
  2. Three proactive ways to boost your credibility
  3. What is your Trust Score?
  4. Monitoring what’s said about you
  5. Show the prices for your services
  6. Building trust with LinkedIn: your 30-day action plan
  7. Building trust in a transparent world
Get the wind in your sailsPerformance
  1. Three ways to start the year with wind in your sails
  2. What happens when your computer breaks down?
  3. Blogging milestone: 5 years | 500 posts | 250,000 words
  4. Lessons from three different masterminds
  5. Three time tracking tools that work
  6. Three ways for laggards to beat the market leader
  7. Do you show passion in your work?
  8. Why be a nominee Business Excellence Award?
  9. Where to put your To Do list
  10. Team up with competitors to grow your market
  11. Why a private mentor matters (and how to get one for free)
  12. Choosing a CRM solution
lights action cameraEvents
  1. Get ready for your video debut
  2. Make your presentation better than a TED Talk
  3. Dealing with dropping attendance
  4. How to get your audience’s contact details
  5. Would you pay to see this speaker?
  6. Fixing what’s wrong with conferences and networking
  7. Reviewing the SMB Exchange
  8. Are your events free or pay-at-the-door?
do you offend enough people?Positioning
  1. Show your rough edges to unleash your revenue
  2. Reasons to get interviewed on Internet TV
  3. The why and how of writing a book
  4. Are you a visionary?
  5. How the Twitter/LinkedIn split helps you
  6. The essential way to show your skills and expertise
  7. How to refresh your positioning
  8. Why enter competitions of skill
nail in tireFocus
  1. Greater harm than Superstorm Sandy
  2. Do you delegate or outsource the wrong things?
  3. How to prune your network
  4. Bad business lessons from the Olympics
  5. How to respond to bad news
  6. What will you stop doing?
MDown the drainarketing
  1. Marketing ideas from wasting water
  2. Apple’s risky marketing strategy
  3. Marketing to the lazy or overwhelmed
  4. Tips to modernize your website
  5. The three biggest mistakes your clients make
  6. Design-Sell-Make: test if your market exists like Seth Godin did on Kickstarter
  7. Competing with a commodity: fudge on Mackinaw Island
  8. Five steps to freshen your group’s online appeal
  9. Get Back To School with your marketing
How’s that for last year? Let’s make this one even better.
PS Maybe it’s time for you to start your own blog?

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