June 12, 2012


mistakesIn an article about home insurance, the writer asks her advisor for the three most common mistakes clients make. Here they are:
  • buying too little
  • buying the wrong stuff
  • skipping add-ons
Yes, the list looks self-serving. Each item puts the blame on the buyer. Each fix puts more money in the seller’s pocket. Where’s the credible evidence to backup the assertions? Let’s ignore those biases.

Does the list get you thinking about your own coverage? Probably. That makes the list effective.

Your World

What mistakes do your current and potential clients make without even knowing? Make a list and share it with them. A list from a credible third party is even better. You can even take an article from a third party and add to it.

Can you contradict conventional thinking? For instance, Malcolm Gladwell argues that in 50 years Steve Jobs will be forgotten but Bill Gates will be remembered. You might not agree, but don't you want to know why Malcolm said that and perhaps give your opinion? Here's disagreement from Forbes. As a side benefit, Malcolm is getting free publicity.

Types Of Lists

You can make different types of lists:
  • the biggest mistakes
  • the biggest surprises
  • the most common ______
  • the newest ______
  • the most overlooked ______
You can use formats other than lists (e.g., articles, ads). Instead of three items, you could have less (“the biggest ______”) or more (“31 things you must know about ______”). You’ve got lots of options. Become a trusted resource and show your passion in helping your clients.

If you’re short on ideas, setup Google Alerts for relevant daily updates. All free.

Who's Fault?

If your clients aren't educated on what they need or may want, how can they make optimal decisions? They might buy less or buy wrong because they don't know any better. When the fire truck is at the door, it's too late to upgrade the home insurance.

If clients don't understand, they can't tell their connections to follow their lead. Buyer beware unaware.


PS If the biggest mistake is to buy what you're selling, reconsider what you offer ...

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