April 24, 2012


what do I do?This week, I got three requests that suggest the asker is lazy ... or overwhelmed.
  1. How do I start using Twitter?
  2. How do I find a Toastmasters group?
  3. How do I find a Pick Four goals group?
The requesters could get the answers themselves. Why did they ask?

Each request points deeper. Since other people will share the same needs and wants, you've found a market. You can provide solutions or be the conduit to answers.

You might see a marketing opportunity in one or more of the requests. Let’s explore ways to proceed.

Getting Started With Twitter

The easy way to start using Twitter is by going to twitter.com and setting up an account. All you need is Twitter handle (e.g., @mActuary), email address and password. You can add a photo and 140 character description later. Done.

Issue: The mechanics are not likely the problem. There's plenty of help within easy reach of a web search. Perhaps the requesters feel overwhelmed or confused. Perhaps they're afraid of making a mistake or like personalized attention. Even if they did setup a Twitter account, would they feel comfortable tweeting?

Opportunity: You could compile a list of online getting-started resources or create your own. You could provide live in-person training. You might become a coach to develop and guide clients through their whole social media strategy. Or you could provide help as a “free prize” for being a client for your main offering.
Perhaps you simply direct the request to someone who can help them.

Finding A Toastmasters Group

The easy way is by visiting Meetup (toastmasters.meetup.com) or doing a web search. You can also go to the Toastmasters website to conduct a search. Aren’t search engines wonderful?

Issue: The requester may want a recommendation or help in selecting the right club.

Opportunity: You might prepare a guide on how to find a suitable club (not just Toastmasters). You might suggest finding potential clubs online, visiting several, joining the one that feels right and participating. Maybe you prepare other guides (e.g., how to find a restaurant). These can go on your website or blog, or get posted on an established How To site with links back to you.

Finding A Pick Four Goals Group

This is tougher. A web search may not be enough. Since Pick Four is a goals program, here’s an idea: start your own groups. If you don't know how, set yourself the goal of figuring this out. You could have your own solo two-week Pick 1 program to find the like minded. In the meantime, order the Pick Four workbooks (which come in a 4-pack). You'll then be ready to go.

Issue: The challenge here may be fear of talking to strangers, reluctance to be proactive or laziness.

Opportunity: You could make suggestions on how to proceed. Maybe you establish a group of your own or co-organize (as I have). If you help others meet goals, you’re establishing strong relationships.


There’s no harm in taking a few minutes to help the requester and think about their reasons for asking. There's no telling where your generosity may lead.


PS What makes you feel lazy or overwhelmed?

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