September 18, 2008

Get Discovered While Slacking Off

I wanted you.
And I was looking for you.
But I couldn't find you.
-- Laura Anderson,
Walking And Falling

Another place without a bath robe? Maybe I should bring my own. Unlike last week's packing disaster, I'm prepared. I remembered everything. Well almost. I meant to bring walking shoes. 

Less Posts Without Less Readers
Because I've been on the road, I've fallen behind in my blog posts. Here's the puzzle. Readership has stayed steady even without new content. That's good. Relatively more readers -- 77.22% -- found articles via search engines. Here are the top 5 search terms this week:
  1. influential words
  2. marketing actuary
  3. communication jokes [?!?]
  4. actuary linkedin
  5. most influential words
Surprisingly, readers who explored the deepest used keywords "milevski CALU 2008" (see CALU 2008 - Sharing The Wisdom). If you take a look, you'll see I only mention Moshe Milevsky as one of the best speakers (winning my coveted Most Actuarial Presenter award). Even so, those visitors stayed here 9:33 minutes on average and explored 14 pages. Maybe they've become regular readers.

Here's the lesson. If you're online, you're accessible all the time. Old articles get rediscovered. You leverage both your time and your old work. People can find you. Doesn't familiarity breed business?

Update on LinkedIn
A meaningful profile on LinkedIn can help you get found (see Get Foundin Linkedin To Keep Growin). My network has grown and I'm showing up in over 5 searches a day. Here are the latest statistics
  • 41 connections (was 10)
  • 14,700 friends of friends (was 180)
  • network of 2.2 million (was 18,200; may be useful for direct marketing)
You can achieve results like these and increase your revenue --- even while you're far from home. A bathrobe is optional.

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