October 6, 2008

How To Reassure Your Nervous Clients

This is Captain America calling.
I bailed you out when you were down on your knees
So will you catch me now I'm falling
--- The Kinks, Catch Me Now I'm Falling

I continue to ignore the daily mass media and live a low noise life. Even so, bad news seeps in. I keep getting reassuring emails from one of my two Investment Advisors. The other is completely silent, which is worse.

Life insurance clients are getting jittery too. What can you tell them?

Calming Your Clients
I remember, when you were down
And you needed a helping hand.
I came to feed you
But now that I need you
You won't give me a second glance.
--- The Kinks, Catch Me Now I'm Falling
To help you calm insurance clients, I wrote three articles for Riscario Insider about:
  1. what happens if a life insurer collapses: in response to emails from worried readers
  2. corporate governance (Globe & Mail)
  3. the largest insurers (Financial Post 500)
Feel free to use the content. The last two articles have tables that enlarge when you click on them.

The Term vs Perm Battle Continues
Have you been following the debate on Does Warren Buffett "Buy Term and Invest The Difference"? It remains my most popular post ever and shows the power of a good headline. The newest comments have Invest-The-Difference crowd more silent than usual.


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