September 10, 2008

$499/Night But No Bath Robe

Do you remember the first time you stayed at a hotel with bath robes? Even if you wouldn't wear a bath robe at home, you put it on to enjoy the thick, comfortable warmth. Getting hot? Rather than taking off the robe, you lower the temperature. 

At some point, you put your hand in a pocket and pull out a card which says the robe isn't yours to take and if you do, you'll be charged. Really? Luckily, the towels have no such warning. So you stuff them in your suitcase. You like the desk lamp but fearing damage in transit, you leave it behind.

My hotel room doesn't have bath robes. I need one. I packed badly for this overnight trip. I forgot essentials from my travel checklist. Last night, I packed the following
  • dress shirt
  • tie
  • dress socks
  • shaver
This morning, I thought my luggage was too empty. What's missing? I know. My toiletries bag. I check that the toothbrush and toothpaste are inside. They are. I wear my suit and leave on my trip.

The day's meetings went well. I'm now in my hotel room, ready to change into my casual clothes. But I forgot to bring them. My pyjamas are at home too. Here's all my clean clothing
  • underwear
  • socks
  • tie
Wonderful. That's why I need a bath robe. Luckily, no one will see my predicament. Unless the fire alarm rings overnight ...

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