May 22, 2007

Creating a Memorable Seminar

A limp polluted flag
Flutters sadly in its death throes

While crippled trees in leg irons

Wearily haul themselves

Through another diluted acid day.
--- The Strawbs,
Impressions Of Southall From The Train

Today, could have been another a routine seminar on "10-8" leveraging. There were a couple of twists: travelling with a colleague for the first time and meeting at a winery.

Here's what made the seminar great:
  • a small, interactive group of the right advisors
  • discussing several actual cases as a group
  • having enough time (nearly 3 hours) for good discussions, including "off-topic" items
  • delicious lunch and interesting conversation on a patio
Here's what made the day remarkable ("worth remarking about" in the sense of The Big Moo an excellent book by 33 authors):
  • the hosts had visited my personal website (both flattering and embarrassing) and brought pages of printed content to quote some memorable passages
  • After the seminar, I got an initiation gift (a loud shirt) with a card in a gift bag
  • After the wine tasting (which followed lunch), I got a parting gift, a mug
Frankly, I don't expect gifts and am rarely disappointed. I don't give out what most would consider gifts either. I prefer to give the precious, personal, intangible gifts of knowledge, attention and time. I received those too.

From good to great to remarkable. A day to remember.

Sadly, my family is squabbling over the shirt. So I may not get to wear it ;)

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