May 4, 2011


stage curtains 500x370Some of the best ideas I've ever heard came from the keynote speakers and fellow attendees at the members-only Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting (CALU).

For instance, Dr. Robert Cialdini spoke about the six universal principle of influence. The right message at the right time. The Prime Minister usually speaks, but not the day after an election. You'll find CALU-inspired links at the bottom of this post.

My Turn

I'm presenting with CALU board member Roger Thorpe of Thorpe Benefits (website). Our topic is Building Trust With Social Media (microsite). This is my most important talk ever.

Here are three reasons for speaking at CALU
  1. repayment
  2. recognition
  3. feedback


There's considerable interest in social media these days but most "expert" presenters sell marketing services. That can be self-serving. Elsewhere, a speaker made misleading statements about Facebook to get hired for customization. The audience seemed to believe her. That's not how to hire a social media expert.

Roger and I have experimented with social media and are revealing why we started using it. Since we aren't selling anything, we're instantly credible.


There's a feeling of "having arrived" when you address your top peers. There's also the fear of flopping.
Roger and I are taking our talk very seriously. We developed a schedule five months ago and have met monthly to keep on track. We've timed our session down to the minute.

Now do you see why I finally joined Toastmasters five months ago? I practiced in front of my club three weeks ago and before Steve Carlson of Marketing Options (website) last week. Many of my 2011 blog posts are related to this talk.

I didn't think recognition would matter to me. I didn't think that getting interviewed by the Toronto Star would either. Both do. The ego likes attention more than I expected.


CALU is the most elite place I can speak (so far). I'm looking forward to getting written feedback from the attendees on a specially-developed form. That will help improve skills and market.

Do try giving unsolicited feedback more often. That's an excellent way to help.


The best proof of success will be if attendees see the merits of social media and some start using it. That also increases competition because the Internet isn't restricted to a specific geography or niche market. However, we're competing fairly and educating the public. Consistent persistent generosity makes the world better.


Roger and I checked our presentation hall. The microphones and projector work. The video plays. The volume is fine. We did a rehearsal. We're ready.

So much can happen in a live event ... including magic!

This post goes live just as we take the stage ... here's a recording of my section (new)


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    • The ROI on social media, reputation and a hungry rabbit
    • Picking the best medium for your message
    • The easiest way to catch up with social media
    • Event planning showdown
    • How to prepare and present a brand-new presentation
    • image courtesy of Rakesh Vaghela (UK)
    PS If you attended, do share your thoughts below. You can do this anonymously. The process is painless and gives you practice using social media.

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