February 7, 2011


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You better stand for something or you're gonna fall for anything — John Mellencamp

In today's competitive landscape, taking a stand helps you command attention while noise bombards your clients.

You probably believe in the likes of honesty, integrity, accountability and service. Without proof, they're hollow words. What you say quickly vanishes but what you write can last.

Why not go on the permanent public record with your considered views? This is an easy way to set yourself apart over time. Some will be drawn to you, even if they don't agree with you. That's the power of sharing your convictions.

Go where your clients already gather, rather than where your competitors flock. You're bound to discover blogs and communities.

My Company Won't Let Me

How would your company know what you're doing from home? Be discreet. Setup an anonymous email account (e.g., Gmail) and identity. Find relevant articles on blogs or newspaper websites. If you're not sure how to proceed, observe. If you're worried about making mistakes, get more media savvy (Mitch Joel's blog).

Start leaving comments under a consistent pseudonym. Comments like "great post" add to the noise. You want to move conversations forward and see how others respond to your contributions. Do this effectively and your influence will expand as you establish your authority (principle #3) and liking for others (principle #6).

As your confidence and skills grow, get bolder and switch to using your real name (if allowed).

My Company Will Let Me

You still need to be careful in what you say. You're an ambassador for your firm. Again, you may want to start anonymously. Maybe you'll find you have so much to say that you start blogging.

Real Name

If using your real name makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why. We state our opinions continuously. What's the problem in recording them? If your views change, so can your opinions.

When issues that concern your clients arise, support their causes. Becoming their advocate is a key strategy in Networking With Millionaires by Dr. Thomas J Stanley. Support their causes and let them know you're with them. Some hills are worth fighting over.

How can you stand out if you won't take a stand?


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