April 16, 2009

Three YouTube Videos about Life Insurance

Do you realize that you can find insurance-related videos on YouTube? You'll find three examples in this post. If you don't see any videos, you're probably in a corporate environment that's restricting your access. Try from home or another location.

Facts of Life and Annuities
This video comes from life insurance research organization LIMRA. Although the figures are for the United States, the content has broader appeal. Your clients probably don't understand the important role that life insurance plays in the economy.

CityTV: Life Insurance in Canada
This video comes from television news.

Contrary to the video, the protection from Assuris for failed life insurers extends beyond $200,000. Here is a link.

Life and Death Insurance
On the lighter side, here's a "commercial" from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Staying Current
You can send links to clients. Click on the video. You'll go to YouTube.com and see different options.

If you have an account on YouTube, you can subscribe to channels with videos you like and save videos as your faves. For an example, visit youtube.com/riscario. You can leave comments about videos. You can broadcast your own creations too. 

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