April 29, 2009

The 100th Post Already?

The 100th post! Can it be? Time flies. Over two years.

Why Start?
I started blogging to help the public understand their financial risks and ways to tame them. There is very little content like that online --- the first place many look. Where do you send your clients?

As a product actuary, my expertise was individual life insurance and health insurance from design to pricing to reinsurance to illustrations to marketing to administration to support. This unique background spurred me to start Riscario Insider.  The 100th post was in January 2009.

Why This?
Except for the fellow getting divorced, advisors want to increase their revenue. This requires ideas, insights and best practices. I come across them continuously --- a side benefit of working with some of the country's top advisors and lots of reading. But how to share what I'm learning? Through this blog for advisors, including insurance specialists, investment advisors, accountants and lawyers. You'll find a fresh post most weeks. 

Why Continue?
Writing takes time. Each post takes several hours of drafting and editing. Even finding the right photo or graphic takes time. So why not quit?

My altruistic motive remains: helping people. What you don't share, dies. I keep learning and refining what I've learned. I've got to tell those who want to listen.  Blogging allows free access anytime from anywhere. 

My selfish purpose is improving myself. You learn better when tell others. Writing imposes further discipline because you're not present to clarify. Your words must be clear. Your message must be interesting. Little things like headlines make a difference. 

Practice helps you push through the dip on the hill to mastery.

What's Next?
The future will have more of the same. For faster access to tips, you can subscribe to @mActuary on Twitter. I've thought of adding audio podcasts (a new feature on Riscario Insider). Video is a remote possibility but that's a tough medium for me. What would you like to see?

How You Win
Between this blog and Riscario Insider, you've got access to 216 posts with more on the way. Scan through them and you'll find some that you can use with your clients or centres of influence. 

You can even copy/paste selected content to make it look like your own. Just don't "borrow" everything!

You may even find content that helps you. 


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