April 16, 2008

Most Read Posts: 2008 Q1

Here's a review of what you read most during the first quarter of 2008.

What You Read
Your favourite posts are
  1. Five Presentation Tips From Steve Jobs
  2. Refuting Mistruths About Universal Life
  3. Mobile Broadband (which I brought to Calgary where I'm posting this article)
Readers visited for 2:02 minutes and viewed 1.6 pages.

Where You Live
Readers live in 46 countries
  1. Canada (55 cities)
  2. United States (mainly from California, New York and Texas)
  3. United Kingdom (almost all from London, England)
How You Get Here
Here`s how you got here
  1. search engine: 54%
    1. keywords: marketing actuary, best actuary jokes, marketing insurance ideas, insurance marketing ideas, best marketing ideas for insurance
  2. referrals from other sites: 24%
  3. direct: 22%
None of thee top 3 posts are new: old content gets rediscovered through search engines. Traffic spikes just after each post (generally once a week) but there were visitors every day except Sunday February 10th. Maybe you were preparing for Valentine's Day?


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