June 5, 2007

How To Make A Client Meal Memorable

I don't remember, I don't recall
I got no memory of anything
Anything at all
--- Peter Gabriel, I Don't Remember
Dining with your clients costs money. How can you make the experience one they'll remember and tell others about?

This is a challenge because many places serve good food. But are they memorable? I'm about to change a lunch reservation and I can't remember the restaurant's name. And I've been there at least six times. Maybe that's just my memory. Maybe that's how your clients feel too.

Spending more money isn't the answer. Being creative is. Here are ideas:
  • an uncommon place
  • a restricted place
Uncommon Places
There are places most wouldn't think of going. A fitness club may have a nice restaurant with healthy food. Osgoode Hall is interesting if you you'd like to see lawyers and judges.
Between visits and without warning, Osgoode Hall added six police officers and an airport-style luggage scanner. The small pen knife I got in Switzerland was deemed dangerous. Since they wouldn't safeguard it, I was told to throw it away or take it away. I took it back to my office, which was only two blocks away and returned for lunch. That was my last visit. So I don't know how security is now.
One advisor suggested eating at a grocery store deli. No joke. The food was surprisingly good. Your clients may not be keen on such a location.

By Invitation Only
Some advisors belong to members-only clubs such as a social club, sailing club or golfing club. Your guests can't visit without you. One company had a kitchen and served gourmet meals in their boardroom. You could even have the event at your home. The location needs to be convenient if you're meeting over lunch.

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