April 25, 2007

What's Better? Ultimate or Pure?

Hesitating, I remain caught 'twixt will and will not in my thoughts.
-- Dante
How can clients make decisions about intangibles like life insurance when it's so difficult to decide on common, physical products like computers?

Take a look at a recent Dell ad. Ignore the spelling (which is discussed on my Spark Insight blog). Instead, look at the two notebook computers. They're the same price. So which is better:
  • ultimate business notebook, or
  • pure business power
"Ultimate" sounds like the best. Microsoft calls their $499 ($299 upgrade) version of Windows Vista "Ultimate". But "pure" sounds natural.

How do you decide? The Latitude D620 has a smaller screen, which suggests that it's lighter. So it's probably easier to lug around. The Latitude D820 may be more of a "desktop replacement". Maybe it has a bigger keyboard or better graphics. It's hard to tell

Other Comparisons
Comparing here should be easy:
  • products from the same manufacturer (Dell, not vs HP/Compaq or Toshiba or Lenovo)
  • the same line (Latitude business grade, not vs Inspiron for consumers or XPS for gamers or Precision for specialized needs)
In contrast, financial products like life insurance are compared among companies. How do we decide on one product over another? How do we help our clients understand the advantages? So they aren't caught 'twixt will and will not in their decision to buy.

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  1. Check out Dell's website now. They call the D620 the "Ideal Balance of Technology and Mobility" and the D820 "Unyielding Performance Meets Mobility". So now you can pick between ideal and unyielding :)