June 4, 2014


what are you reading?
When you read, what do you have to show for your efforts?

You might be educated or entertained --- and kept away from TV and Netflix. Regardless of where you get your content, you’re a consumer, part of the audience. If you borrow books from the library or a friend, you may feel pressure to finish.


I’ve stopped reading books for six months (which in my case means no longer listening to audiobooks while driving). Instead, I’m listening to E Street Radio and comedy on Sirius XM. They’ve given me a free six month trial.

Afterwards, I’ll return to books (generally nonfiction). At the start of my sabbatical, I had mild angst. There are so many books to read and I was falling behind. Within two weeks, I was enjoying the break. Stepping back is refreshing.

Other Sources

Books are time consuming to finish. You’ll find their ideas condensed online in excerpts, reviews, videos or interviews. For instance, if you’ve seen the Start With Why TEDx Talk, you don’t need to read Simon Sinek’s book or see him live. You might want to but you already have the highlights.
You’ll also find related content through your social networks and mainstream media.

A Quota

If you’re an avid reader, another approach is to limit what you’re reading. Rather than racing to read more books, consider getting a deeper understanding of fewer books. Maybe you read or re-read one book per quarter. You now have time to apply what you’re learning.

A Different Use Of Time

Instead of consuming, start creating.

We learn better by explaining to others. Perhaps you publish a mind map, blog post, video. We build character and show consistency by sticking to a schedule. We improve our skills. We also help others.


PS Conversely, if you don’t read regularly, maybe it’s time to start?

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