May 21, 2013


Niagara FallsDo you remember your first visit to Niagara Falls? (If you haven't been, substitute another dream-for-you location like the Grand Canyon or Taj Mahal that you’ve visited.)

Do you remember the anticipation, the wow? Perhaps followed by the "then what"?

Your experience of Niagara Falls depends on factors such as the
  • the time of day
  • the season
  • the weather
  • how much time you have
  • your stress level
  • whether you're there voluntarily
  • who you're with
  • how long you're there
  • how often you visit
  • why you're there
  • where you view (Canada, US, the air, the water, a hotel or restaurant)
  • your condition (tired, stressed, rushed)
  • how much you care about nature
  • the crowds
Some factors you control, others you influence and others you might as well accept.

The Same Isn't Enough

Niagara Falls State Park (click to visit site)We quickly get bored.

The first rainbow is impressive and maybe the second but the third? The postcards don't lie (though they may be embellished).

Niagara Falls keeps changing. There are renovations and new features. For instance,  the Canadian side has a casino and a bird place which seem relatively new. On the US side, the Niagara Falls State Park is undergoing renovations for the 2013 peak season. Hotels get renovated, though they may look the same from the outside. Once our sofa got replaced during our stay. It's much nicer to be the first to use the new than the last to use the old.

Your Clients

Your clients and prospects will have different perceptions of you too. That’s not (entirely) your fault but you do have influence.

Expectations are different to predict and they change.

You can stay the same (let's say you're great). That's not enough to be a repeat attraction. Can you keep changing? What's your equivalent of a light show or renovations?

Since expectations keep changing, keep changing too. You probably are --- you can't help it --- but does anyone know? Unless you help people notice, they won't get the benefits. Neither will you. Seller inform.


PS If you haven't visited Niagara Falls, do. If the falls aren't enough, you'll find lots of tourist-trap type things too.

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