August 30, 2011


(Supplementing my workshop at the Word11 blogging festival.)

When I talk about social media, I say that curating is an easy to way to prove your intent and build trust. That's true but not enough. I said that to nudge you to get shipping content. At Word11, I explained there's a higher level and shared the best tool.

Stage 1: Parrot

Wanna cracker?Like a parrot, you recirculate links that others have found. You simply press the button for Like (Facebook), +1 (Google+) or Retweet (Twitter).

Shortcut: If you want, you can focus entirely on LinkedIn for curating. That's an excellent environment to master. Connect Twitter, you can send your updates there too.

Stage 2: Pundit

As you parrot, you master the tools of social media. You get faster and better. You build a following. Continue your curating but now become a pundit too. Creating content is more valuable that repeating what others say. Your followers may parrot you.

Got a bright idea?Blogging is the best way to create content. Here are three reasons why blog posts rule.
  1. Easy to create
  2. Easy to find
  3. Easy to consume

Easy to create

You don't need special equipment to blog. That's assuming you already have a computer, netbook or tablet. If not, how are you reading this post?

You don't need to worry about having a good microphone or camera. You don't need to talk a course in Photoshop or digital video editing. You don't even need an Internet connection when you're writing.

Right now, I'm composing the initial draft at a desk at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex. There's noise and people are talking. That doesn't matter as I type on my iPad.
Easy To Find
Unless you're writing only for yourself, you might as well make your content easy to find. Google keeps getting better at indexing images and video, but they are best best at indexing text.
Easy To Consume
Blogs are easy to read on many devices. I’d have trouble listening to a podcast or watching a video where I am right now while writing but I can easily read text.

But ...

Creating content takes more time. That’s why there’s more value. Instead of writing this post, I could have Retweeted or Liked dozens of times. Those updates would quickly vanish in minutes, hours or days. Try finding an update from last week. A blog post lasts and makes a bigger mark on your digital tapestry.

If you're not convinced about the power of blogging, watch this short clip from Seth Godin and Tom Peters.

What do you think now and who will you tell?


PS If video is more effective for your niche, consider having a transcript for readers and search engines.

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