December 21, 2009

Three Lessons from 2009

As a year winds down, we have time to reflect on what happened. Here are three lessons
  1. the simpler the more universal
  2. out of sight, out of business
  3. the visible touch
The Simpler the More Universal
in 2009, I created two new simpler presentations
  1. How to Succeed with Entrepreneurs (which became a three-part series)
  2. Do You Market like It's 1999?
These presentations suit a much wider range of audiences. Simpler content is more memorable. Since the content is more universal, audiences pay more attentive. You stand out from other presenters. You are easier to remember and easier to recommend. You are more likely to get invited back. That leads to business.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Business
Retailers stay in regular contact with customers and prospects. You don't have their budgets for advertising but you can certainly stay in touch via a monthly eNewsletter. You can track what your readers click on and add more of they like next time. Conventional e-mail does not let you see what works.

The Visible Touch
LinkedIn can be the core of your marketing. And it's free. Would you do business with someone who won't use a phone or e-mail? Why would you do business with someone who won't link to you online? LinkedIn is now a sign that you're open for business and serious about your business. if you're not on LinkedIn, you've got an unlisted number. Hiding from prospects and clients costs you money.

Class dimissed!

The best to you and yours during the holidays.
May 2010 give you what you yen!


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