March 11, 2009

Why Twitter (Finally) Makes Sense For Building Your Business

People would rather follow your footsteps than your advice. 

But if they follow you, aren't they more open to your advice? Since you're an advisor, more followers, closer connections and ongoing contact means more revenue from what Seth Godin calls your tribe.

When we discussed how to create your web presence, I didn't mention Twitter because I didn't see the advantage. Until today.

What's Twitter?
Have you ever sent short text messages from your phone (SMS)? Twitter is similar. Messages can run 140 characters. That's plenty if you're concise. Instead of sending the message (called a "tweet"), you post it online from your phone or computer. Anyone interested can subscribe (unless you're paranoid and restrict access). These "followers" choose how to get informed. 

You can't force anyone to accept your tweets. All followers volunteer. They signup and can unsubscribe any time they want. They can reply too. Rather than an annoying pest, you become a welcome guest. All contact is 100% permission-based. 

Big Deal
What do you say? That was my dilemma. I joined Twitter a few weeks ago, but you won't find much on my channel,  (I couldn't pick my name because all variations were already gone. That's a reason to join sites without delay, even if you're not sure of their value.)

Who would want to receive tweets like these:
  • stopping to get gas
  • having tacos for dinner
  • just took a shower
Not many of you have raised your hands (even those with Twitter accounts). I didn't know what to tweet about. 

Twitter asks one basic question: what are you doing right now? That's the wrong question if you want to create a positive business image. I'm sitting in my jammies writing this post. So what? To get clients, prospects and centres of influence as followers, you need better questions. Like these:
  • what's important to you right now that would interest others?
  • what's got your attention right now that would interest others?
  • what's on your mind right now that would interest others?
I got these ideas today from Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People. Well worth reading. You'll get a thorough overview of Twitter and see how to join. 

Why Use Twitter?
Hit 'em where they ain't. --- Willie Keeler
Do you know (m)any advisors who use Twitter? Me neither. That's a great reason to get started. As you find your voice, tell others and give them the opportunity to subscribe. Be patient and see what grows from the tweets you sow.


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