March 24, 2008

How Can Your Clients Find You?

I can't find the advisor who got me my last car. I can't find my prior personal fitness coach. They've moved on. But where? Their prior employers won't say and their replacements aren't good enough. How can I find the originals and buy more from them?

Your clients (and prospects) may have difficulty tracking you down too --- especially if you move and are prohibited from contacting your old clients.

Here are three easy ways clients can find you
  1. your personal website
  2. periodic emails
  3. your personal phone number
Your Personal Website
Can a search engine find you? If not, you can easily get your own personal website and put your contact information on it. Search engines will find you soon enough. You can even track the keywords visitors used to reach you using Google Analytics. You'll be easier to track down with an unusual name, tagline or catch phrase. I'm actually easier to find with "marketing actuary" than my own name. My current tagline "the passion for simple" strikes out. A self-created word works (e.g., riscario), if anyone can remember the spelling.

You can easily create a basic website online using templates. All my sites (Spark Insight, Riscario and are hosted for free (and ad-free) on the Wikidot Publishing Network at You can make your site private until you're ready to show the world.

If you want to register a domain name (e.g., your name), see if it's available using a service like You can register there ($14.95/yr) or through another service like ($5.95 US in the first year and then $9.95) and ($6.99 US/yr). You can then redirect your domain name to your website by following instructions.

Periodic Emails
Business cards are easy to misplace and giving fridge magnets may not be your style. If you send periodic emails, your clients may still have them in their emailbox. Noncorporate email accounts (e.g., Google Mail) offer so much storage that messages are easier to keep --- even spam --- than delete. Since familiarity breeds business, you can't lose by staying in contact with your clients.

Personal Phone Number
Some advisors provide clients and prospects with a nonwork phone number. This is perceived as an extra personal touch. It's also a way for people to track you down. You may even want to get a personal portable toll-free number.

My car advisor and fitness coach are losing business because I can't track them down. How much are you losing when people can't find you?


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