December 12, 2007

HOW WOULD YOU SELL SOAP (2007 edition)?

I've heard it all before.
You're saying nothing new.
--- Supertramp, Child of Vision
What if what you offer looks like a commodity to your clients? This is a problem for wholesalers and advisors without a range of products. Distributors also suffer as firms and advisors can look like commodities too. If the client doesn't buy from you, they look elsewhere. No sale for you.

You cannot make me listen.
I cannot make you hear.
--- Supertramp, Child of Vision
How can you get clients to see --- and value --- the differences in what you offer?

What If You Sold Soap?

Wouldn't that be tougher than selling insurance and investments? Here's an interesting video with marketing ideas.

The Lesson
You need to convince a maven, centre of influence or decision-maker. Their endorsement is much more convincing than anything from you. You already know that. The video is a nice reminder.


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