February 15, 2007

Writer's Vista

What if it happened to you? Here's a new blog and I've already run out of things to say. It had to happen sometime, but why now? The launch hasn't even take place (a minimum of 5 articles are recommended). The wiki is under development. The email subscription option has now been added. The template has been tweaked.

All that's needed is content. Insurance is very serious. For humour, visit the Spark Insight blog.

The good news is that this blog is not known. It's not hyped like Microsoft Vista, which sold 59% less units than Windows XP in its first week. Here's why that might be
  • no compelling reason to upgrade since Windows XP works well
  • the cost ... the Ultimate version costs $300 for upgraders and $500 for new systems ... computer prices keep dropping, but Microsoft doesn't reduce it's prices
  • most users would need to upgrade their computer hardware first
  • it's only an operating system ... most people have lives
In insurance, there's concern about product prices. Explain this then. Vista Ultimate --- the priciest version --- accounts for 30% of the sales. Buyers need sophisticated hardware, which increases costs further. So the low price doesn't always rule. Some people want they consider is the best, which happens to be the most expensive. When clients perceive value, they are willing to pay more.

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